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Pastor T Mwangi (Anthony Kahura Mwangi)

Anthony Kahura Mwangi famously Known as Mr T or Pastor T Mwangi is a minister of the Gospel based in Kenya. He is the senior pastor of the Life Church International Limuru in Kiambu County Kenya and the Gathering of Champions an interdenominational fellowship in Nairobi. He also is the President of the Truth Mentorship society which mentors more than 100,000 youth annually both in and out of school.

He is a known Corporate Trainer and Conference speaker working with various institutions like Bethel Network and the Shift Program amongst other institutions. He also is a Kingdom Business Trainer working with Business Incubation Africa amongst others and a mentor and father to many young people global operating under the Apostolic grace.

Personal Life & Marriage

T. Mwangi was born in Samburu Kenya, on August 17. A second born in a family of four children born to Johnson and Susan. He was raised in Narok Town and grew in a very humble home navigating through the basic challenges of third world countries.

He is happily married to Claudia Wahito and together they have one child.

Education & Work

He studied geology, then later a Certificate in Theology. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Divinity.

He began as a Gospel Rapper back in 2005, due to his radical stand in the truth of the Gospel he earned the name Minister of Righteousness and Truth which was abbreviated to MR T. He has three mixtapes, Finje Finje, the Apostle meets the Prophet and Ecclesia Mixtape. As a musician he was nominated for various awards in Kenya including Mwafaka award, Groove awards and Bambika Video awards where he won the best hip-hop video and reggae song videos. He is also currently the Most Influential Online Content influencer courtesy of Impact Gospel Awards 2020.

He together with his wife owns Berith Insurance Agency and Remnant Group, a Media Content and Concepts development company.

He is a media personality reaching out millions of viewers through his Gospel music show Angaza Show that airs on the National Television, Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation (KBC). He also ministers every Sunday on Realest FM which is a community-based radio in Limuru where he reaches thousands with the Gospel.

He also runs various media content on his social platforms including the Moments of Hope (which is a daily bible study), Midnight Prayer Hour and the Pastor T Show.

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